‘Atlas Shrugged: Part II’: Fun for Rand Fans AND the Illiterate! — TRAILER

Atlas Shrugged Part II

You might be the sort of person who has read Atlas Shrugged five times, cover to cover. You might only know the title as that book Paul Ryan keeps talking about, or the one that Bert Cooper kept rambling on about in the early days of Mad Men. But your degree of familiarity with Ayn Rand’s prolific novel shouldn’t have much of an impact on your enjoyment of this trailer for John Putch’s new movie, Atlas Shrugged: Part II (a followup to director Paul Johansson’s Part I in 2011). Whether you know much of Rand’s writing or not, the new film looks thrilling.

The trailer offers the powerful elements of the story — a tyrannical government, and the difficult question of whether one should (or even can) fight back — in a way that makes them easily digestible, but does not look to sell short their magnitude. Putch has built an entirely new cast for the upcoming film, featuring Samantha Magnis as heroine Dagny Taggart and Jason Beghe as Henry Rearden. As the two seem to embody full incarnations of Rand’s characters, stimulating aesthetics and audio help to engross us in her world.

The accessibility of the trailer does lend to the idea that some of the novel’s most diligent devotees might find the movie a step or two beneath the “perfect adaptation.” But Atlas Shrugged: Part II seems like it will accomplish it goals: to excite, interest, and pay homage to one of the most important novels ever written. Check out the trailer below, and share your thoughts (be you a five-time reader or just a Mad Men fan).

[Photo Credit: Either Or Productions/Atlas Distribution Company]


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