‘Avengers 2’ to Cast ‘Kick-Ass’ Star as Hero Who’s Also in ‘X-Men’

Credit: WENN

“Oh yeah?” Joss Whedon must have said, Avengers 2 script in hand, when he heard the news about fellow Marvel helmsman Bryan Singer casting Evan Peters to play Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past. “Fine! I’ll get my own Quicksilver! And he’ll have twice as many last names as your guy!” And so it goes, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson being the frontrunner to play the character in the upcoming Avengers sequel.

Although no deal has been made, The Wrap reports that Kick-Ass star Taylor-Johnson is targeted for the mutant character, who begun his comic book history as a member of the X-Men and found himself on the Avengers team later on. Taylor-Johnson proved himself a dutiful crime fighter in Kick-Ass, and will likely carry on this reputation in the upcoming sequel.

No news yet on who will take the Scarlet Witch role that has been added to the story, nor on the status of Robert Downey Jr.’s involvement. But all things look positive for Whedon’s sequel.


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