‘Avengers’ Posters: We Like Hulk, Cap & Iron Man When They’re Angry

The assorted superheroes that make up the titular crime-fighting team in the upcoming Marvel movie The Avengers may have very little in common. In fact, their differences are what cause one of the central conflicts in the movie. But if there is one thing every member of the Avengers can agree upon, it’s the power of angry grimaces. As you can see from the below images, and any recent posters, nothing beats a steadfast scowl! It doesn’t matter if your a Norse god, a time-traveling soldier, a genetic experiment gone awry, an industrialist man-bot, or whatever Hawkeye is. If you’ve got a mean look on your face, you’re a true Avenger.

Amp up your own facial anger with a look at the latest Avengers trailer here. And if that doesn’t make you angry enough, how about a Godfather-themed Avengers sequel?
Catch The Avengers in theaters on May 4!







Source: Latino Review, Comingsoon