B.J. Novak Joins Awesome Cast of ‘The Dictator’

B.J. NovakThe Dictator is shaping up to be the next epic comedy film—possibly not to the degree of promise of some other developing projects, but something with a lot of awesome packed into it just the same.

The newest addition to that awesome package is writer/actor B.J. Novak, who is reported to be playing a small role in the film.

This will be Sacha Baron Cohen’s first starring role in a feature not derivative of his Da Ali G Show series. However, that’s not to say this role looks like a huge departure from the type of character he usually plays: foreign, ignorant, and highly misunderstood—by others and himself.

Novak is known as The Office’s straight-man/insensitive boyfriend/evil boss/“rehabilitating” criminal/hipster caricature Ryan Howard. He also had a large role in Inglourious Basterds as one of the titular Nazi-hunting Jewish-American soldiers who accompanied Brad Pitt’s Aldo Raine in carrying out the film’s ultimate mission.

The slew of stars in supporting roles in The Dictator includes mandatory-castmember-if-you’re-making-a-comedy-nowadays John C. Reilly, actor-so-sophisticated-I’d-be-terrified-to-meet-him-in-person Ben Kingsley, the-face-of-the-Scary Movie-series Anna Faris and Larry David’s 7th-season-righthand-man-on-Curb J.B. Smoove, and, of course, Megan Fox.

Source: Collider

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