B.O. Analysis July 12: Hi, I’m 30-Million-Dollar Bruno!

A phenomenal marketing campaign that had the Bruno name and likeness virtually everywhere paid off huge as the film earned an expectation busting $30,426,240 in 2,756 theaters. This eclipses the $26.5 million debut of Borat, which opened in just 837 theaters in November of 2006. Star Sacha Baron Cohen was a one-man marketing machine who stayed in character and traveled the world as the “Austrian gay fashionista,” thus engendering a massive curiosity on the part of the audience. Not to mention a hilariously effective trailer that had people buzzing both on and off the internet. A multi-tiered marketing blitz, coupled with a great release date made Bruno a hit with audiences, giving it two enthusiastic “Vassups!”

In second place with $28.5 million is Fox’s Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, which dropped a nominal 32 percent in its second weekend, crossing the $120 million mark. The PG-rated animated film is a favorite for families looking for a nice day at the theater.

In third is Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which has now become the highest-grossing film released this year and the first to cross the $300 million mark. With its sights set firmly on the $350 million mark, the film earned $24 million this weekend and its cumulative domestic total is nearing the $340 million mark. This is yet another amazing weekend performance from this summer juggernaut.

Fourth place belongs to Johnny Depp in Public Enemies as the Michael Mann-directed period crime drama earns $14.1 million against a 44 percent second weekend drop. Look for the next milestone at the $75 million mark as its current total after two weekends in release is over $66 million.

Rounding out the top five is Disney’s perennial comedy The Proposal with $10.5 million in its fourth strong weekend of release as this date-crowd favorite that now stands at $113.8 million and counting with a micro-drop of just 18 percent.

The sixth place film, Warner Bros.’ The Hangover had the smallest drop of any film on the top 12 chart with a weekend gross of $9.93 million and, wait for it … a 12 percent drop in its sixth weekend! This R-rated comedy lives in a perpetual box-office Happy Hour and has $222.4 million in the tip jar to prove it. Amazing!

A “down” weekend at the nation’s theaters, but not enough to put a dent in our year-to-date and summer-to-date advantages as we look toward the onslaught that is Potter-mania next week.


1. NEW! Bruno (Universal) – $30.4M; 2756 theaters; $11,040 PTA

2. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Fox) – $28.5M; 4102 theaters; $6,948 PTA; -32%; $120.5M cume

3. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (Paramount/Dreamworks) – $24.2M; 4293 theaters; $5,590 PTA; -43%; $339.2M cume

4. Public Enemies (Universal) – $14.1M; 3336 theaters; $4,230 PTA; -44%; $66.5M cume

5. The Proposal (Disney) – $10.5M; 3158 theaters; $3,327 PTA; -18%; $113.7M cume

6. The Hangover (Warner Bros.) – $9.9M; 3002 theaters; $3,308 PTA; -12%; $222.4M cume

7. NEW! I Love You, Beth Cooper (Fox) – $5M; 1858 theaters; $2,691 PTA

8. Up (Disney) – $4.6M; 2201 theaters; $2,115 PTA, -29%; $273.7M cume

9. My Sister’s Keeper (Warner Bros.) – $4.1M; 2444 theaters; $1,710 PTA; -28%; $35.8M cume

10. The Taking of Pelham 123 (Sony/Columbia) – $1.6M; 1116 theaters; $1,434 PTA; -37%; $61.5M cume


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