B.O.: Audiences Flock to ‘Meet the Parents’

There’s something about Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller.

Their new comedy “Meet the Parents” bowed in big over the weekend, taking in an estimated $29.11 million in its first week and dethroning last week’s box office champion, the Denzel Washington starrer “Remember the Titans.”

Titans,” which is receiving lukewarm responses from critics but overwhelmingly positive responses from moviegoers, took in an estimated $19.56 in its second week, bringing its total to $46.2 million, according to estimates by Exhibitor Relations.

The “Get Carter” remake starring Sylvester Stallone and Mickey Rourke debuted at No. 3 with $6.72 million. Rounding out the Top Five: “The Exorcist” with $4.61 million and another debut, “Digimon: The Movie,” with $4.1 million.

Here are the Top 10 box office estimates, according to Exhibitor Relations:

1. “Meet the Parents,” $29.11 million (opening weekend) 2. “Remember the Titans,” $19.56 million ($46.2 million total) 3. “Get Carter,” $6.72 million (opening weekend) 4. “The Exorcist,”$4.61 million ($23.8 million total) 5. “Digimon: The Movie,” $4.1 million (opening weekend) 6. “Almost Famous,” $3.79 million ($23.3 million total) 7. “Urban Legends: Final Cut,” $2.6 million ($18.2 million total) 8. “Bring It On,” $2.2. million ($62.4 million total) 9. “What Lies Beneath,” $1.17 million ($152.2 million total) 10. “Nurse Betty,” $1.13 million ($22.8 million total)