B.O. FORECAST: Generation Gap

B.O. FORECAST: Generation Gap

HOLLYWOOD, July 20, 2000 – This weekend, there’s a rivalry between generations at the box office. Four major releases, targeting three distinct age groups, arrive at the cinemas. There’s “Pokemon: The Movie 2000” for the kiddies; “The In Crowd” and “Loser” for the bouncing teens; and “What Lies Beneath” for the moms and pops.

So basically, what we’re really saying here is that it’ll probably be just easier for the whole family to see the super-freaks flick “X-Men,” again.

But, decide for yourself. Below are overviews of the flicks opening this week:

“What Lies Beneath”

WHAT LIES BENEATH (See the trailer) The Skinny: A specter descends upon the bathtub of a professor (Harrison Ford) and his wife (Michelle Pfeiffer). And the question is: Why them? The Upside: It’s spooky. It’s got Ford and Pfeiffer. And it even has a mind-bending twist at the end a la “The Six Sense.” The Downside: Yeah… but it’s for old people.


LOSER (See the trailer) The Skinny: A nerd (Jason Biggs) and an outsider (Mena Suvari) meet in college, fall in love, blah, blah, blah. The Upside: The film features the stars of two recent runaway hits: Biggs from “American Pie;” and Suvari from “American Beauty.” The Downside: Does wearing a dumb hat make you a loser? In this case, yes. Does it make for a good movie? C’mon. Just look at that hat.

THE IN CROWD (See the trailer) “The In Crowd” The Skinny: A recovering psychiatric patient (Lori Heuring) assimilates to the moneyed society with over-the-top, tragic results. The Upside: A young, nubile, attractive cast. The Downside: Lori Heuring, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Susan Ward. The term “A-list” doesnt’ exactly come to mind.

“Pokemon: The Movie 2000”

POKEMON: THE MOVIE 2000 (See the trailer) The Skinny: Sequel to the wildly popular “Pokemon: The First Movie” from last year. This one follows … Oh, go ask your kids. The Upside: The first “Pokemon” flick was huge among kids. The Downside: That doesn’t necessarily mean you want to sit through this nonense with your kids again.

Besides these flicks, also expect “X-men,” “Scary Movie,” “The Perfect Storm” and “The Patriot” to hang around at the top.