B.O. FORECAST: Hardly “Bedazzled”?

Can Elizabeth Hurley as the devil unseat “Meet the Parents” this weekend? Nope.

How about Oscar winners Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt and lil’ Haley Joel Osment laughing, crying and sharing their hard lives with one another?


And what about Jackie Chan, sporting an old-school Chinese get-up, doing his kung fu fighting stuff?


Well, there you have it. The word from box office mojo Brandon Gray from boxofficemojo.com is that “Meet the Parents” will likely reign at the box office for a third consecutive weekend.

The aforementioned wide releases should all fall within the Top Five, as with “Remember the Titans,” which would probably drop from its second place finish last weekend.

Here’s a rundown of the major releases arriving in theaters this weekend:


Skinny: Quintessential loser Brendan Fraser trades his soul to Princess of Darkness Elizabeth Hurley so that he can squire the love of his life. Upside: At long last, Satan takes the form of Hurley. There is a God. Downside: Fraser gets a star salary but isn’t a big star yet, and Hurley has yet to carry a picture, Gray says. But the film does have in its favor some last-minute heavy promotion. “It has a solid debut at 2,600 screens, and it could come in the low $10 million,” Gray predicts. Plus, all the attention Hurley received this week surrounding the Screen Actors Guild debacle could prove beneficial for the film … or badly.

“Pay It Forward”

Skinny: Little Haley Joel Osment plays a little boy who’s trying to do good in the world, which includes trying to set up his social studies teacher (Kevin Spacey) and his alcoholic single mother (Helen Hunt). Upside: “There’s not much else in the marketplace [like it]. Also, it has star power and buzz. It should make about $8 million,” Gray says. Downside: The inexplicable urge to whisper, “I see dead people,” when Osment appears onscreen.

The Legend of Drunken Master Skinny: A repackaged, re-edited Jackie Chan flick that was made in Hong Kong from way back when.

Upside: Made in 1994, the film features a fresher, younger and faster Jackie Chan. Gray predicts that the film will take in a respectable $5 million.

Downside: The film might be redubbed into English, which means that you must try very hard to ignore those non-synchronous moving lips.

Besides these films, “Ladies Man,” “The Contender,” “Dr. T and the Women” and “Lost Souls” will probably be seen again in this weekend’s Top 10.