B.O. FORECAST: Sly vs. De Niro

Recycled genre cool vs. offbeat comedy vs. a bunch of Pokemon knockoffs — that’s the lineup heading into the cineplexes this weekend as “Get Carter,” “Meet the Parents” and “Digimon: The Movie” open.

But the question remains: Can any of these films unseat last week’s No. 1, Denzel Washington‘s feel-good fest “Remember the Titans“?

Here’s a rundown of this weekend’s new films:

Get Carter” The Skinny: Sly Stallone stars as the stolid small-time gangster set out to avenge his brother’s murder in this remake of the 1971 classic by Mike Hodges. The Upside: Call it cool by association, but the 1971 “Get Carter” had a steady cult following, and Michael Caine, as the lead in the original, more than cut it playing the stoic hoodlum out for blood. The Downside: Sly ain’t no Michael Caine.

Meet the Parents” The Skinny: Ben Stiller plays a guy who goes meet his future in-laws. Robert De Niro plays the father of the bride determined to make the visit difficult for the bumbling suitor. Diasters ensue. The Upside: Stiller‘s a funny guy. And come to think of it, so is De Niro. The Downside: We really can’t think of any right now. We’ll get back to you on that one.

Digimon: The Movie The Skinny: Another animated feature film based on a TV series about kids who fight evil with vaguely cute and cuddly evolving pet creatures a la Pokemon. The Upside: Kids aren’t choosy. The Downside: Last time we checked, the kiddies aren’t exactly trading and speculating Digimon cards like they did with the Pokemon ones.

Elsewhere, look for “Almost Famous,” “The Exorcist” and “Remember the Titans” to kick around in the Top 10.