Bad Ass Vladmir Mashkov Joins ‘M:I IV’

Bad Ass Vladmir Mashkov Joins ‘M:I IV’

Vladimir MashkovNot sure if you could tell or not, but Vladimir Mashkov is Russian. And he could probably crush you. Then drink a bottle of vodka and throw on a bear fur coat and do that dance with the legs kicking out. Some other Russian stereotype.

Anyway, Mashkov has been cast in Mission Impossible IV. Main players from the first three are returning, so we get another dose of Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames, and hopefully Simon Pegg, who is rumored to return as analyst Benji (his deal has yet to close at the time of this writing). New faces that Mashkov joins are Jeremy Renner and Paula Patton. And just to throw another name at you Brad Bird will be directing.

At this point does it even matter who is in the movie? They’re pulling in some heavy talent for this film, but really it could all be arbitrary and we would still watch it. Shame on Paramount for attempting to create a film worthy of our hard earned dollars. How dare they attempt to create a story with a well respected director and nuanced actors! At least they brought back Tom Cruise, that’s the only smart move they’ve made so far.

Source: The Wrap