Top 5 Badass Denzel Movies

Top 5 Badass Denzel Movies

Training Day

He’s played a wrongfully convicted prizefighter, a disillusioned soldier, and a virtuous trial attorney – he even starred as Dr. Philip Chandler on St. Elsewhere. But if there’s one role Denzel Washington seems born to play, it’s the badass. Here are five of Denzel’s take-no-prisoners, balls-to-the-wall, get out of my mother effin’ way performances.

Training Day
Warner Bros.

5.  Safe House

He’s an ex-CIA operative turned international criminal that “only kills professionals.” As if killing anyone less would tarnish his badassness.

Badass Scale: 3 out of 5

4.  Flight
A pilot that can fly a plane upside down while high on cocaine is about as badass as they come. Now just imagine what he could do if he was sober?

Badass Scale: 4 out of 5

3.  2 Guns
An undercover DEA agent that can also crack jokes – that’s like the definition of badass!

Badass Scale: 4 out of 5

2.  Man On Fire
He’s a highly skilled bodyguard whose 9-year-old client has been abducted in Mexico. You’ll need an army of men to take this badass down!

Badass Scale: 5 out of 5

1.  Training Day
The man, the myth, the legend was born with Detective Alonzo Harris – still the greatest badass to ever grace a movie screen.

Badass Scale: Too Badass To Count! 

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