Bana, Wilde & Hunnam Starring In ‘Kin’

Olivia WildeEric Bana and Olivia Wilde are currently in negotiations to star in Kin, a movie with one of the most confusing premises I’ve ever come across. Variety gives us a neat little summary where we learn that the film “tells the story of two desperate sibling fugitives on the run who collide with the holiday homecoming of a troubled ex-boxer.”

Wait, what? Two fugitives run into the holiday homecoming of a boxer? Does it help at all to know that the “troubled” ex-boxer will be played by Sons of Anarchy’s (totally awesome) Charlie Hunnam? Not at all, actually. Bana and Wilde are two attractive people who I have enjoyed watching on the screen but seeing them collide with a holiday homecoming? Is this really the best situation we can put people in or has Hollywood truly run out of ideas? This just sounds like a coke-fueled session of mad libs that some stuck up screenwriter brainstormed one day.

Aw man, actually its a big love fest about family and what’s really important in your life by a former high school teacher who contemplated life’s big questions when his airplane was stuck in the air. I can’t hate on something like that. Dammit. Anyway, Stefan Ruzowitzky, director of the fantastic Oscar winning foreign film The Counterfeiters is behind the camera on this one, so there’s got to be something special going on here. Production is scheduled to begin in early March.

Source: Variety