Barry Levinson to Direct Horror Flick ‘The Bay’

Barry Levinson to Direct Horror Flick ‘The Bay’

ALT TEXTMother Earth is coming for us — through the eyes of director Barry Levinson.

The Oscar-winner, known for his direction of Rain Man and Bandits, is directing a new “zombie eco-horror thriller” (whatever that is) called The Bay. The team behind Paranormal Activity, including director Oren Peli and producers Jason Blum and Steven Schneider, is assisting in production of the film.

Previously known as Isopod, the film tells its story of a viral outbreak in Claridge, Maryland in a nontraditional manner — through a collection of camera phone accounts, 911 calls, and other mediums. Spooky! Looks like Levinson is trying to create his film in a new and fresh way, but we can’t help but wonder, Blair Witch Project anyone? Ay yi yi!

Sadly, no other details plot details are known about The Bay. But, the term “eco-horror” elicits one movie in our mind: The Happening. And boy, did that suuuck! Here’s to hoping that with Levinson’s steady hand and strong resume of character development, The Bay will be a success.

Source: Screen Daily