Batman & Bane Revealed on ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Empire Mag Covers


The Dark Knight Rises has earned itself a pair of covers on Empire Magazine (plus an additional limited edition Bane cover for subscribers only). Below, we can see Christian Bale in full bat-garb, and Tom Hardy dressed as the third film’s ruthless central villain Bane. And now that we have new images, it’s time for some new questions.

What on Earth is Batman holding? Does my memory fail me, or have we not seen this contraption before? And really, could they have picked a less impressive-looking gadget?

For those unfamiliar with his comic book history, Bane was born and raised in a corrupt Caribbean prison, forced to serve out his escaped father’s life sentence. So, naturally, he’s a bit disturbed. We’re not sure what exactly Christopher Nolan will do with this already rich, intellectual and tormented character; but if he gives him the same artistic treatment he gave to the Joker, then there shouldn’t be anything but thrills.

Check out the magazine covers below courtesy of Empire Online, and the limited edition cover courtesy of Comingsoon.





Source: Empire Online, Comingsoon