Behind The Boxing of ‘Hands Of Stone’ Video Interview


To play a boxer, you have to become a boxer.

The Weinstein Company’s ‘Hands of Stone’ is the true story of Ray Arcel (De Niro) and Roberto Duran (Ramírez). Arcel trained Duran the idea of “sweet science”, or how, in boxing, to make everything you do count for something. That mentality and coaching got Roberto Duran into a record of 103-16 with 70 knockouts. His biggest fighters were with Sugar Ray Leonard (Usher) which included the biggest and Duran’s most well-known fight in “Sugar Ray Leonard vs Roberto Durán II” on November 30, 190.

To create a boxing film about a real-life legend you have to be able to know how to box before you try to try to recreate their iconic moves and mannerisms. In the above behind the scenes interview, Édgar Ramírez and Usher talk about how they tackled recreating their iconic fighters and Robert De Niro says how well he thinks they did.


Hands of Stone releases this Friday, August 26, 2016.

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