Behind The Scenes of The International Effort in ‘The Great Wall’


The Great Wall of China is one of the 7 man-made wonders of the world and was originally built to keep out the Mongolian’s and other raiding groups out to keep the people inside safe.

Universal’s ‘The Great Wall’ is a fictitious story about why The Great Wall of China was actually made. The story is every 60 years, a secret Chinese army called The Nameless Order aligns the Great Wall of China so they can protect the world and guard against ancient monsters. The monsters are known in Chinese folklore as Taties, the beasts of greed. In this story, two travellers (Damon and Pascal) have come to steal gunpowder, who then join in on the fight.

When the first trailer for  ‘The Great Wall’ came out, one thing was on everyone’s mind. Why is a movie about China starring a caucasian actor? As it turns out, the film’s not as racist or “whitewashed” as what it seems. This film is the first of its kind, an international effort of East meets West. In the above interview, go behind the scenes where Pedro Pascal and Tian Jing talk about the honor of working with famous Chinese Director Yimou Zhang, while he tells us about the film is both a big “Hollywood” style film with an international cast, and  Matt Damon discusses what it was like to be in a giant co-operative film.


The Great Wall is out this Friday, February 17, 2017.