Bel Borba Aqui | 2012

Foreign, Documentary
The work of Brazilian artist Bel Borba is documented. For 35 years the exuberant Borba has been transforming his hometown of Salvador with works of public art using an array of materials.


... Himself



Bel Borba is a Brazilian artist who has been transforming his hometown of Salvador, Brazil with an amazing array of works of public art for the past 35 years. This documentary explores how Borba uses paint, sand, tiles, clay, metal, wood, and just about anything else he comes across to make art that is a natural extension of his exuberant personality. He remakes an abandoned building by using its steel beams to fashion a façade of faces. An airplane makes a terrific surface on which to paint a plane-sized fish. Coke bottles are fashioned into a huge dog, and unadorned surfaces are canvases crying out for transformation.