Ben Affleck Attached To ‘Tell No One’ Remake

ben affleckOh boy, it looks like Ben Affleck is attached to direct ANOTHER movie. I swear he gets more offers than the only cute stripper out on Route 49 (hey Sheila!).

Anyway, the latest is the remake of the French film Tell No One, which is itself an adaptation of the popular American mystery writer Harlen Coben’s book. Got that? It’s an American remake of a French adaptation of an American mystery book. This should wind up as well as Google translating something into Japanese, then Russian, then back to English. Scheduled to pen the script is Chris Terrio, who also wrote Affleck’s next project Argo.

The book follows a doctor whose wife is abducted by a serial killer, but he’s still under suspicion when more murders are found at the exact same spot where his wife was abducted. Throw in a little mystery about his wife possibly not being dead and you’ve got the movie. Which is too bad considering this will probably never happen.

Source: Deadline