Ben Affleck in Talks for Mike Judge Comedy

Ben Affleck is in talks to star in Mike Judge’s comedy Extract. The actor would play an ambulance-chasing lawyer in the film, which centers on a flower extract factory owner who’s dealing with workplace problems and a streak of bad luck, including his wife’s affair with a gigolo, says Variety

Jason Bateman is set to play the factory owner while Mila Kunis and Kristen Wiig are on board as well. Clifton Collins Jr. is also joining the cast as a factory worker who loses a body part in a freak accident and is now due for a huge settlement. Collins Jr. will also be seen in J.J. Abrams‘ upcoming Star Trek prequel.

Shooting begins Monday, August 25, in Los Angeles.

Judge, of King of the Hill and Beavis and Butthead fame, wrote the screenplay. His last directorial effort was 2006’s Idiocracy starring Luke Wilson.

Affleck, who made a highly praised directorial debut last year with Gone Baby Gone, hasn’t appeared onscreen in a leading role since 2006’s Hollywoodland. He won the best actor award at the Venice Film Festival for that turn.

He has two upcoming films ready: Kevin Macdonald’s State of Play with Russell CroweRachel McAdams and Bateman and ensemble piece He’s Just Not That Into You, which also stars Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson and Drew Barrymore.