Ben Affleck May Take On ‘American Bullshit’

Ben AffleckDid you like The Town? Did you think Ben Affleck did a “wicked awesome jahb” with his second directing gig? Then you’ll like this news. Affleck is eying what could potentially be his next project; a film from this year’s Black List called American Bullshit.

It seems like a natural next step. The script by Eric Warren Singer is the story of Abscam, an undercover sting operation from the 1980s. There’s corruption and intrigue and politics, oh my. The film would take Affleck’s talents away from his hometown of Boston and into a whole new arena that could stretch his abilities. While Ben’s not officially on the project, I hope he signs on because it will be interesting to watch him make the shift to a slightly different kind of film.

If this project doesn’t pan out, don’t fret Affleck fans. He’s got two more ideas on deck; The Trade, which is about two New York Yankees who swapped wives in the 70s and would potentially star Affleck and Matt Damon and Replay, about a journalist who dies and wakes up in his 18 year old body only to relive his life over and over. (So like a very serious Groundhog Day?) No matter which film he ends up on, I think this is the start of an era of Affleck behind the camera, which unlike most of his starring roles in recent years, is actually kind of exciting.

Source: Deadline

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