Ben Affleck Shocked by Best Actor Win

Ben Affleck was so sure he would miss out on the top acting prize at the Venice Film Festival, he flew back home to Los Angeles early.

The Oscar winner picked up the Best Actor award for his portrayal of TV Superman George Reeves in the film Hollywoodland.

He explains, “If I thought for a second that there were going to be awards for anybody, I would have stayed!”

Affleck claims the role has given him a chance to get his career back on track after a string of film flops including Jersey Girl and Gigli.

He adds, “I’ve been in movies that earned a lot of money that… I wish I wasn’t in honestly. I was a little cavalier before, but having a child makes me think about things differently.

“I have to prove myself all over again, but I don’t mind that. Once I realized where things were going, I just said, ‘OK, let me make sure I’m in a place where I don’t have to worry about being on Family Feud for dough in five years and then I’ll just do what I can be proud of.’

“The only thing that matters to me is my daughter being able to be proud of her old man.”

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