Ben Affleck Stars And Directs In ‘Live By Night’ Trailer


“I went away a soldier, I came back an outlaw.”

After returning home from serving, the son of the Boston police superintendent, a young man named Joe Coughlin (Ben Affleck) decides to turn to a life of crime. Joe moves to Florida to start bootlegging and quickly becomes an infamous gangster. The above trailer features everything you can expect from a gangster film, run-ins with the cops, shoot-outs, murders, funerals, and some double crossings. Joe tries to get out of the scene and finds it rather difficult.

‘Live By The Night’ has a pretty stellar cast, the film is directed and stars Affleck, but also stars Sienna MillerZoe SaldanaElle FanningChris CooperMiguel Scott Eastwood,  Anthony Michael Hall and many more.


Live by Night releases January 13, 2017.

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