Ben Affleck to Direct and Star In ‘First-Person’ War Movie

Ben AffleckThis story provokes mixed feelings: for one, Ben Affleck has proven to be a questionable director in the past. On the other hand, I am a fan of experimental cinema and the taking of artistic risks.

The director of The Town, who is currently shooting Argo (a hostage crisis film based on true events), is already adopting another film to helm: Line of Sight. The concept surrounds an elite commando squad in the crux of a worldwide threat. Here’s where the experimentation comes in: reportedly, the film will be shot from the first-person perspective reminiscent of a first-person shooter video game, like Halo, or SOCOM, or (if you’re more my speed) Duck Hunt. As with his previous and currently-underway directorial projects, Affleck is also expected to star in the film.

Although the idea doesn’t exactly scream promise, it is noble that Affleck is trying something out of the ordinary. Part of the problem with The Town was its banality. The movie doesn’t seem to have any intrinsic character, yet it is attached to a story that could be rife with such. Thus, maybe this kind of unique take on a project could be what reveals Affleck to be a talented filmmaker. Then again, perhaps not. But at the very least, it’s worth a try.

Source: Hollywood Reporter