Ben Foster Joins ‘360’

Ben FosterHey, remember Ben Foster? He was in Freaks and Geeks. You would’ve known that had you read this article. And do you remember this little movie called 360 with Rachel Weisz? You’d know about that too if you read this article. So what that both of those articles happen to be written by yours truly? To me its all SYNERGY!

Now here’s the kicker. What do those two seemingly unrelated articles have in common? Today’s announcement that Foster has joined the fore mentioned film, to be directed by Fernando Meirelles (who guided Weisz to her 2006 Oscar win for The Constant Gardener), that follows a group of people connected by who they have sex with. And once more for the good people at Google: BEN FOSTER SEX RACHEL WEISZ SEX!

Foster has grown on me recently. I enjoyed The Mechanic, but then again I really just enjoy anything with Jason Statham. And the premise of this movie – following person A and person B’s intimate encounter to person B and C’s carnal endeavor and so on and so forth until you’re back to person A – sounds very intriguing. I’m down for it. Here’s hoping it happens!

Source: Deadline