Ben Stiller Circling ‘Neighborhood Watch’

Ben StillerSuh-weetness. Ben Stiller is considering joining Neighborhood Watch. Now, this is a project to get excited over. It follows a group of neighborhood dads who form a neighborhood watch (thus the title) more to have some male bonding time instead of, you know, actually watching the neighborhood. But then things get crazy when they actually uncover a dastardly plot. It was recently rewritten by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (awesome). So Ben Stiller joining? Woo!

Another great piece of news for this project is Akiva Schaffer has been offered the directing job. Schaffer’s a member of The Lonely Island and is generally responsible for directing most of SNL’s Digital Shorts. He also rapped on “I’m on a Boat” and directed Hot Rod. He’s a really talented and this high profile gig would be awesome.

Source: Playlist