Benjamin Walker To Play Angel in ‘Paradise Lost’?

Ben WalkerThe developing adaptation of Paradise Lost, the most hardcore poem ever written (that’s right Homer; Milton beats you by a landslide), is reaching for another cast member.

Director Alex Proyas, who brought us The Crow and I, Robot, is aiming for Benjamin Walker to play the Archangel Michael. Walker’s previous roles include a young incarnation of the title character in Kinsey and a soldier in Flags of Our Fathers, and he’ll be taking the lead in the upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Clearly, Walker screams warrior. In addition to a marine and an undead-slaying president, his Paradise Lost character, for those unfamiliar with the lore, is a warrior in God’s army who wounds Lucifer substantially.

We can imagine that, for film, the action will be played up to significance, which means we’ll see Walker coming to blows with Bradley Cooper, which seems like a pretty one-sided fight. In any event, Walker’s career is clearly on the rise, which is promising for the actor and audiences alike.

Source: Deadline