The 25 Best Movies About Summer

The Graduate
Summer flings are usually uncomplicated, but not when you hook up with the mother of the love of your life, well then you're just asking for trouble.
Stand By Me
Dead bodies, junkyard dogs, and coming of age. 'Stand By Me' is the quintessential boyhood summer adventure.
The Kids Are All Right
A charming, funny, and kinda sad portrait of the modern family.
National Lampoon's Vacation
The Griswalds go on the vacation to end all summer vacations. Let's just skip Wally World next year.
Almost Famous
Who wouldn't want to spend their summer following a rock band and falling in love with Kate Hudson.
'Superbad' is probably still the best film about high school friendships.
Nothing says pre-college stasis like working at a low-rent amusement park during the summer.
Die Hard With A Vengeance
We thought John McClane was having a bad day in the previous 'Die Hards,' but New York during the dog days of summer is a whole different animal.
The Endless Summer
The movie that made everyone want to quit their jobs and become surfers. Or at least buy an 'Endless Summer' T-shirt at Target.
The Kings of Summer
At some point, every teenager in the world wants to escape their parents and build a cabin in the middle of the woods.
(500) Days of Summer
Love can feel like a permanent summer. Until reality crushes your dreams that is.
Summer of Sam
If the heat wasn't enough, the characters in 'Summer of Sam' have to worry about a serial killer.
Do the Right Thing
Spike Lee's debut joint shows how high temperatures can make an already tense situation turn volatile.
Independence Day
Certainly the most patriotic summer blockbuster of all time.
The Sandlot
It's hard to argue that baseball isn't America's pastime after watching 'The Sandlot'
Dazed and Confused
Can anyone do teenage ennui like Richard Linklater?
Breaking Away
This summer classic is not only the best film about cycling ever produced, but a film about finding out who you are.
Rear Window
A magazine reporter with a busted leg spends his summer gazing into the lives of his neighbors. To this day, the Alfred Hitchcock thriller is riveting.
American Graffiti
George Lucas' summertime classic was an ode to the 60's and teenage debauchery
We're still convinced 'Jaws' was a gambit by studios to get people to spend less time at the beach, and more at the movie theater.
Wet Hot American Summer
David Wain's farcical take on classic camp movies of the '80s is a classic in its own right.
Moonrise Kingdom
Wes Anderson's prepubescent romance is the director's sweetest work yet.
Little Miss Sunshine
Take a wildly dysfunctional family, stuff them into a sweltering VW bus, and let the hijinks ensue.
In the Heat of the Night
"They call me Mister Tibbs!"
Y Tu Mamá También
The story of two boys searching for a secret beach in Mexico turns out to be so much more than meets the eye.