Best of the @ModernClueless Twitter Account

CluelessParamount via Everett Collection

Who knew the world needed the classic ‘90s film Clueless to be updated for 2014? Apparently Jessica Blankenship and Ella Ceron had an inkling. These ladies created @ModernClueless, the must-follow Twitter account for fans of the film. Instead of drooling over the Baldwins, Cher and Dionne ogle the Hemsworth brothers. Josh is still invested in environmental issues, but now he’s reading Mother Jones. And, of course, Murray is on Snapchat.

Blankenship and Ceron have created a hilarious Twitter account with all the modern pop culture references to make everyone’s inner Cher Horowitz happy. While you should definitely follow Present Day Clueless, we’ve gathered our 10 favorite tweets of the updated ’90s heroine.