The 20 Best Superhero Movies of All Time

Just as the 1960s were era of the Spaghetti Western and the 1980s were filled with slasher films, the 21st century has been the Golden Age of the comic book movie. Here are the 20 greatest superhero films of all-time.

Matthew Vaughn's "realistic" take on superheroes is a fun twist on a genre that could use a couple shake-ups once in a while.
Darkman is a kooky, gross-out take on costumed heroes that could have only come from the warped mind of Sam Raimi.
Man of Steel
Every where you turn, there is a new take of Superman. While it's not as campy as the original, we enjoy this darker look at Clark Kent's life. Henry Cavill isn't to bad to look at either.
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Marvel's take on the heist genre actually began development in the 1980s. However, the project was shelved after Disney began working on a "similar" project, Honey I Shrunk the Kids.
The superhero film reborn! Sam Raimi brought his wonderfully goofy sensibilities to mainstream comics in the tonally perfect Spider-Man.
Iron Man 3
Shane Black added some much needed irreverence to the superhero genre, making Iron Man 3 the funniest and oddest Marvel film.
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Superman II
Richard Donner's sequel is a classic in every sense of the word thanks to a touching love story and action that stands the test of time. Take notes Zach Snyder. This is how you do Superman.
X-Men: First Class
After a couple of missteps, the X-Men franchise returns to form with a '60s set adventure that tells a great origin story and makes good use of the time period.
Spider-Man 2
Sam Raimi's follow-up to the original Spider-Man combines a wonderfully sympathetic villain, fantastic action, and a resonant story into one of the finest comic book films ever produced.
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This brooding atypical superhero yarn changed what people thought was possible with superhero films.
X-Men: Days of Future Past
The X-Men's latest adventure was a zany, time-hopping good time that packed an emotional wallop in-between scenes of fun mutant action.
Iron Man
Marvel came out swinging with this first piece of their mega-franchise of films. Iron Man is a boldly confident proof of concept, thanks in large part to Robert Downey Jr's career saving turn as Tony Stark.
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Avengers: Age Of Ultron
The second Avengers film brought destruction and chaos, with an interesting amount of humor, but nothing can top the original.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Captain America: The Winter Soldier easily outclasses its predecessor thanks to a terrifying presence of the Winter Soldier and some engagingly topical themes.
Tim Miller's Deadpool brilliantly lampooned superhero movies with its tongue in cheek, meta sense of humor. In the words of the Merc with a Mouth, "A fourth wall break inside a fourth wall break... That's like sixteen walls!"
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Batman Begins
Batman's origin story is powerfully told in Batman Begins, a film that may be even better than its much lauded sequel.
The Dark Knight
Heath Ledger's masterclass performance as the Joker elevates Batman's darkest hour to greatness.
Guardians of the Galaxy
The strangest, funniest, and most joyful tribute to superhero flicks and sci-fi adventures that has come to cinema in years.
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The Incredibles
Pixar's first family of superheroes could teach the big comic publishers a thing or two. The Incredibles is fun, zany, and full of so much heart.
The Avengers
Joss Whedon's dazzling superhero team up is the closest we've come to an actual comic book inked on screen.