The 13 Best Things Benedict Cumberbatch Has Ever Done

The mere mention of his name makes the Internet explode into a million .GIfs. Thanks to his hugely popular role in BBC’s Sherlock and standout parts in Star Trek Into Darkness and The Hobbit, Benedict Cumberbatch is a certified sensation. And his star is only rising. We’re pretty convinced he can do no wrong. To prove our point, we’ve gathered some of his most shining moments. You’re welcome, Internet.

1. His portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.


He somehow managed to turn an asexual sociopath into a veritable sex symbol. 

2. When he imagined what Sherlock would be like in bed…and then described it to us in detail.


Hear that? That’s the sound of millions of Cumberb*tches swooning.

3. The way he manages to seem smarter than everyone else in the room.


Maybe it’s his distinguished-sounding name or the fact that we’re used to him outsmarting everyone on Sherlock, but if he told us 2 + 2= 5 we’d believe him. 

4. His bromantical relationship with John Watson (Martin Freeman) on Sherlock.



Manly giggles for life.

5. Filming this (sadly deleted) shower scene from Star Trek Into Darkness.


And this was cut from the movie WHY?

6. His Ice Bucket Challenge video. 

We know the Ice Bucket craze has died down, but if there was an award for best celebrity participation, Cumberbatch would get it.

7. Embracing his Cumberb*tch following.


He has to admit, his fans have the greatest fan name ever.

8. Becoming one of the “Kings of Tumblr.”

He shares the throne with Tom Hiddleston and together they’re unstoppable.

9. That time he played a freaking dragon in The Hobbit: The Desolation Smaug.


10. When he (tried to) strut like Beyonce. 

A valiant effort. BRB, watching on a loop forever.

11. Having a sense of humor about this whole “fame” thing.

No one likes an actor that takes himself too seriously.

12. Every time he werks his Sherlock haircut.

You ruffle those curls, bebe.

13. The very, very best thing he’s ever done? Existed. Duh.


Sorry, we can’t include the fact that he just got engaged on this list. We’re still getting over that.