‘Big Fish’ Coming To Broadway

big fishColleges are awesome. This is a fact. One of the reasons (way down below a concentrated population of hot girls your age and required parties every night of the week) is that they often attract high profile authors to teach there and impart their acquired wisdom to the youthful sponge that is the growing mind. I was lucky enough to have a few classes guest-proffed by the author of Big Fish, Daniel Wallace (who’s a cool guy and likes to show off his glass eye collection — true story). The novel was eventually turned into a great Tim Burton film (Wallace played the college professor Ewen McGregor interrupted) and now, the film is being prepped as a Broadway musical. 

The film’s screenwriter, John August, announced on his blog that they have been working diligently on a stage adaptation and they’ve completed most of the songs. It’ll be directed by Susan Stroman, who handled the amazing adaptation of The Producers when it stormed Broadway a decade ago. I’m fairly excited for this musical and if I can sell enough bone marrow between now and when it opens next spring, maybe I can afford a ticket. Or I can hope that Book of Mormon won’t be sold out. Either one.

Source: NY Times