The 20 Biggest Thursday Openings of All Time

$6.6 million - Jumper
Hayden Christensen came out of nowhere to deliver a modest hit, meet his future wife and then completely disappear once more.
$7.8 million - Cheaper by the Dozen
The real question here is exactly how many children stayed up way past their bedtime to help contribute to these numbers.
$8.2 million - A Good Day to Die Hard
As long as the Die Hard franchise keeps pulling in money like that, Bruce Willis' career is going to stay alive.
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$8.5 million - Valkyrie
Never let it be said that Tom Cruise can't open a movie, regardless of how good that movie might be.
$8.9 million - Safe Haven
Apparently Nicholas Sparks truly is laughing all the way to the bank.
$10.5 million - G.I. Joe: Retaliation
With Channing Tatum, The Rock and Bruce Willis, we're surprised it didn't make a whole lot more.
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$10.6 million - Bedtime Stories
It seems odd that nobody remembers this Adam Sandler comedy considering how many of us turned out to see it opening day.
$11.2 million - Guardians of the Galaxy
Another month, another Marvel movie, another record-breaking opening.
$11.5 million - Star Trek Into Darkness
Roberto Orci wisely waiting until after the film put up major box office numbers to insult most of the fan base.
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$11.8 million - The Hangover Part III
Sure, we all said we were done with the 'Hangover' films, but clearly we couldn't resist turning out in droves.
$11.9 million - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
There are three types of people who turned out for this film opening day: Brad Pitt fans, CGI fans and people who desperately needed a break from their family.
$13.4 million - Terminator Salvation
We're assuming some of those profits went towards the lighting operators' bonuses.
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$14.2 million - Sex and the City 2
Something tells us that barely covered the film's shoe budget.
$14.4 million - Marley & Me
Before we spent all day watching cute animals on the Internet, we paid to watch them on the big screen. We paid a lot.
$17.5 million - The Last Airbender
The most surprising thing about this was that it was post-'The Village' and post-'The Happening' M. Night Shyamalan.
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$25 million - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Oh, those golden days when everyone still liked Shia La Beouf and had high hopes for a new 'Indiana Jones' movie...
$30.1 million - Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones
We can talk about the effects or the story all we like - what really pulled in all that money was Anakin's rat-tail braid.
$31.6 million - The Hangover Part II
You might think Bradley Cooper is a huge star now, but this was truly his heyday.
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$37.5 million - The Matrix Reloaded
But did all those people really go see it, or were they still stuck in the Matrix?
$50 million - Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith
Sure $50 million seems impressive until you remember that hardcore fans didn't even like the prequels all that much. Just wait until 'Episode VII.'