Bill Clinton Films Cameo For ‘Hangover 2’

Bill ClintonDear studios, if you have a high profile film that has been all over the news recently and you suddenly get a cameo by a former President, there is a way to take care of it. You handle it like you would a 1950s teenage pregnancy, i.e. you don’t talk about it. The best cameos are the ones we don’t expect. A cameo’s comedic value is derived from its potential to surprise you, that is, if you’re completely surprised by the cameo then you’re more likely to tell your friends about it and they’ll be more enthused to see the film. But if everyone already knows about it, the potential is wasted. Which brings me to the article at hand.

Since this story will more than likely spread like wildfire because every bit of casting news for The Hangover 2 is like crack for entertainment sites, former President Bill Clinton made an appearance on the Thailand set of Warner Bros. wacky sequel late last week for a brief spot in the film. Clinton joins Paul Giamatti and Liam Neeson as big shots who have graced the production hoping for a career boost like Mike Tyson’s. And we don’t need a reminder that Neeson stepped in for Mel Gibson after a few people complained.

Seeing Clinton in The Hangover 2 will be awesome. You know what would’ve been even better? Not knowing about Clinton being in The Hangover 2. Granted, Todd Phillips and Co. could have wanted this to be kept under wraps and word could have slipped out because its kind of hard for a former President to do anything in secret (as Bill Clinton probably knows) but still, we blame this on the studio for trying to drum up interest in the movie (like it really needed anymore publicity).

I know this sounds like whining about spoilers, but wasn’t it awesome when Bill Murray made that cameo in Zombieland and no one knew about it? Sure, Zombieland was a smaller film, but wouldn’t it have been sweet if The Hangover 2 got the same treatment? I’m just worried Clinton’s cameo will suffer like Al Gore’s 30 Rock cameo (which heavily promoted his only funny line and then when he finally showed up in the episode we had seen it all and the magic was gone, not too mention the fact that David Schwimmer played a much bigger part in the episode and was barely mentioned). Lets just all pretend this article never happened and go about our day, shall we? We’ll help: new Girl Talk!

Source: MTV