Bill Hader, Kate Hudson Voice Animated-Hybrid ‘Me & My Shadow’

ALTIn the past few years, Dreamworks Animation has done a pretty solid job abolishing the belief that Pixar is the “artistic” animation studio, while Dreamworks is only a cartoon blockbuster factory. How to Train Your Dragon and the Kung Fu Panda series are proof enough that their in both the creative and entertainment business, and with their latest announcement. they’re continuing the trend.

Dreamworks’ in-development movie Me & My Shadow has just cast up, recruiting Saturday Night Live‘s Bill Hader, Kate Hudson and Josh Gad of The Book of Mormon fame. The story follows Stan (Hader), a shadow looking to break off his partnership with his human companion Stanley (Gad). When the two uncover a nefarious plan in the shadow world, both are catapulted into an adventure that will see them back-and-forth between the real and shadow worlds. Because it wouldn’t’ be a movie without one, Hudson will play Stanley’s love interest.

Hader was previously heard voicing the main character in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, while Gad has done his fair share of voices on TV (Good Vibes) and he’s practically a living cartoon in Mormon. The two inject the conception with comedic life, but most intriguing about the project is the use of both 3D (for the ‘”real” world) and 2D (shadow world) animation. Dreamworks hopes to create something truly unique with Me & My Shadow. From the sounds of all the pieces that have fallen into place, they just might.

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Source: THR