Bill Murray Set To Play FDR In ‘Hyde Park On The Hudson’

Bill MurrayBill Murray is the man. He doesn’t have an agent, his lawyer basically signs contracts for him and if you want to reach him for a role you have to dial a toll free number and leave a message. He may or may not check the messages once a week.

In Hollywood that means you have balls.

But he is still a working actor and the latest role that he has agreed to take is quite presidential. He will play Franklin D. Roosevelt in Hyde Park on the Hudson, an adaptation of the 2009 radio play by Richard Nelson. While Nelson will write the screenplay for the film, Morning Glory’s Roger Michell will direct.

Murray is one of those actors that slides easily from comedy to drama. Though there isn’t much humor to be found in playing FDR, Murray nevertheless will bring charisma to a role that no other could. Then again, he’s incredibly iffy when it comes to picking projects so this very well may be a ruse. But if it does happen? Should be excellent!

Source: Vulture