‘The Bling Ring': Emma Watson’s Crime Will Be Fashionable — PIC

Sofia Coppola‘s The Bling Ringis still two months away, but you’d never know that based on how much people are talking about it.

First, there was Emma Watson‘s tongue-roll while dancing in the first trailer, or as I prefer to call it, “The Tongue Roll That Launched a Million GIFs.” Then we all started talking about whether the movie is just a toned-down version of Spring Breakers. Just this weekend, Emma Watson raised the temperature of a lot more guys by pole dancing in a clip released from the film. And now, we’ve got this new poster that defines The Bling Ring‘s quintet of thieving, fame-obsessed teenagers by their choice of eyewear. Check it out:

The Bling Ring

Considering how literal-minded most movie posters are these days, it’s pretty refreshing to see one that approaches its material from a more creative angle. Bling Ring arrives in theaters June 14.

Calm down, Guys. See Emma Watson Pole Dancing in ‘The Bling Ring’
Emma Watson Rolls Tongue While Dancing in ‘The Bling Ring’—TRAILER

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