‘The Bling Ring’ Invades Paris Hilton’s Mansion in New Clip

Here a little tip – when you live in a multimillion dollar house, don’t leave the key under the doormat. Paris Hilton had to learn this the hard way when her house was ransacked by the Bling Ring… but it took her a while to catch on: they broke in five times before she noticed anything was gone. In this new clip from Sophia Coppola’s movie about the exploits of the teen criminals, the group invades her mansion and marvels at her extensive closet. As they excitedly go through racks of furs and sparkly dresses, they squeal about how cute her clothes are.  

Hilton told The Hollywood Reporter that she allowed Coppola to film scenes in her actual house, which brings up the question: Does she really have pillows with her own face on them? That’s not so cute. The Bling Ring opens June 14. 

Credit: A24 Films

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