Paris Hilton Explains the Origins of Her ‘Bling Ring’ Pillows (the Ones With Her Face on Them)

Credit: A24 Films

You would think Paris Hilton would feel ashamed after a group of Hollywood-obsessed teen criminals, broke into her fabulous Beverly Hills mansion… after all, she did leave the door unlocked. But no. Hilton was totally willing to let Sofia Coppola film upcoming Bling Ring at her home to reenact the crime scene. The film, which breaks into theaters June 14, documents the actual story of a quintet of teenage burglars that ransacked celebrities homes, including Hilton’s. In a clip from the upcoming movie, we had the delight of witnessing Emma Watson’s cheeky character Nicky’s jaw drop as she and the gang burst into Paris Hilton’s closet, taking note of Hilton’s set of pillows lined up with the socialite’s face planted on them. Conceited much?

However, the Bling Ring delinquents are more obsessed with Paris Hilton’s wardrobe than Paris is with herself, apparently. Hilton clarified in an interview with Vanity Fair that the pillows were a gag gift from a pal: “My girlfriend bought them for me as a joke for my birthday. I was like, ‘These are so hilarious. I just have to keep them in the house.’ So I did. She had them made at some custom place. They make T-shirts and everything. It was just supposed to be a funny joke, and I thought it was funny.” Phew!

We knew that Hilton loved herself, but having pillows with her face that she purposely purchased would have been overly egotistic to say the least.

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