‘Blue Valentine’ NC-17 Rating Overturned

ALT TEXTGreat job, internet. The great “I-can’t-believe-the-MPAA-did-that-because-an-NC-17-rating-is-stupid” scandal is over! The MPAA has buckled: Blue Valentine is now rated R. According to Deadline, the MPAA caved after Harvey Weinstein personally argued his position in today’s hearing. And the result? The board voted in his favor unanimously.

This whole ordeal started a couple months ago when the film was originally rated and immediately, the Weinstein Company announced they would challenge it. This resulted in support all across the internet, including columns from critics and even an online petition.

Directed by Derek Cianfrance, the film charts the relationship of a couple (Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams), from their marriage to eventual doom. Supposedly, it’s good, and there’s early talk of Oscar noms for both Gosling and Williams.

Anyway, the bottom line here: don’t f*ck with Harvey Weinstein.

Source: Deadline