‘Blue Velvet’s’ Long-lost Deleted Scenes Found, Headed to Blu-ray

Blue VelvetIf you’re a major Blue Velvet fan, you’ve already got the special edition DVD from 2002 and you’ve already watched it with commentary and with the benefit of all its special features, so you probably know that the film originally had a runtime that amounted to four full length features. You probably also know that David Lynch’s contract forced him to make some serious cuts in order to bring the film down to two hours, meaning entire scenes and subplots got the axe. When producer Dino De Laurentis sold off his company and its assets, the scenes were scattered to the wind, never to be seen again until now.

Lynch recently gave an interview in which he explained that these long-lost scenes had miraculously been found “somewhere in Seattle.” Lynch hopes to include some of these scenes in an upcoming Blu-ray edition of Blue Velvet, noting that some aren’t worth reconstructing. The Blu-ray has no official release date, and with an unearthing of this level, I’m sure theres plenty of work to be done before it hits shelves. The good news is that we’ve practically witnessed a miracle here and if Lynch has his way, we’ll all get the chance to see his vision that isn’t gone forever after all.

Source: Blu-ray News