Bob Hoskins Blasts Hollywood Executives

Veteran actor Bob Hoskins has slammed Hollywood for allowing too many creative decisions to be made by executives and marketing bosses who “have nothing to do with the film industry.”

The 63-year-old British star is furious so many contemporary movies appear to be replicas of previous successes.

Speaking at the Venice Film Festival in Italy yesterday, Hoskins said, “Films are being made as though they were written by computer. They think, ‘What has sold before? Films with this? Films with that?’ They think that if they have those elements, they have a winner. There is no desire to create.

“They have nothing to do with the film industry. I don’t think they are interested in that way.”

And Hoskins, who was at the event for the world premiere of his movie Hollywoodland, didn’t just limit his tirade to Hollywood bosses–he also revealed how recently British film chiefs have disappointed him too.

He adds, “I listen to them and think, ‘Oh dear, this is what the industry has come to.'”

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