‘Bond 23’: What Does Daniel Craig Know?

Daniel Craig admits he’s definitely reprising his role as James Bond for a third time in Bond 23 (ridiculous title to come later), but that’s old news. What fans want to know is what’s in store for 007 after Quantum of Solace?

Could it be comedy? “Yeah, there’s room for more comedy,” says Craig. Excellent.

What about characters like Q and Miss Moneypenny? “I would love to [include them next time], but I think you offer it to the best actors you can and you say to them, ‘Forget what’s happened, reinvent it, tell us what you think these characters should be,’ and that’s where it should come from,” the Brit tells us. 

How about Bond on the ski slopes? “I’m not a skier, Jesus,” Craig laughs. “I think Bond [would] actually slide down the hill.”

One thing we know for sure is that Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster is out, confessing, “They offered me the next one, but I am switching genres.”

Craig could stay on for a fourth movie as well, but it’s not likely. “I can’t see doing it beyond another movie,” he says. “If they ask me back to do another movie I would be thrilled.”

Of course, he can’t see himself playing a character like Thor, either. The actor divulged that Marvel Comics did, in fact, ask him to play the part in their upcoming project, but he turned it down.

“They spoke about it, but I thought ‘I can’t play Bond AND Thor,’ he says. “It’s like some stupid f*cking power trip. Blond hair and a big hammer…it would have been too much of a statement…[Bond] is as physical as I want to get in movies at the moment.”

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