Borrowed Frame | 2014

An aspiring actress impersonates her celebrity look-alike nemesis in order to save her boyfriend from a trigger-happy mobster. It's the performance of her life With his on the line.


Aspiring actress Diane Blaine bears a striking resemblance to washed-up, tabloid queen Jamie Stephens and blames the celeb for her constant rejection. The harsh Hollywood scene has left her bitter, frustrated and serving tables. Her boyfriend Jack Sanders' lackluster, go-with-the-flow attitude doesn't help matters. But when Diane's ex becomes their new boss, a jealous Jack decides he needs to get rich quick in order to keep her. Borrowing from a loan shark and a bad bet lands him in major debt to a trigger-happy mobster who happens to have a thing for Jamie Stephens. Now he must convince Diane to impersonate her nemesis and have dinner with the mafioso in order to clear the debt.