‘Bourne Legacy’ Inspires Summer Movie Spin-Offs of Our Dreams


Bourne LegacyOn Friday, the exciting world established in the Jason Bourne movies will be brought back to the big screen in The Bourne Legacy. Here’s the thing, though… Jason Bourne’s not in it. They mention his name, show pictures of him, maybe even throw in a few Matt Damon impressions. But this movie is about a whole new character: Aaron Cross, played by Jeremy Renner. It’s what you’d call a “spin-off.”

Spin-offs come in all sorts. They can introduce new characters to old worlds, or bring smaller, familiar faces to the forefront. Look at movies like Evan Almighty, Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj, and Spooky Buddies (you haven’t seen the one about Air Bud’s kids during Halloween?).

But with so many great film franchises from past and present, it seems like there could be more spin-offs! Think about the universes of Star Wars, the Marvel movies, or Harry Potter: all imbued with colorful supporting characters more than worthy of their own feature films.

As such, we’ve put together a gallery of the movie spin-offs of our dreams. The side characters who we’d love to see rise to the center of the action. Click the link below to see what new stories can spawn off Men in Black, Christopher Nolan’s Batman series, and even Back to the Future. Trust us. These are blockbusters in the making.

Summer Movie Spin-Offs of Our Dreams

[Photo Credit: Universal Pictures]


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