‘Bourne Ultimatum’s’ Albert Finney Brings His Majesty to ‘James Bond 23’

Albert FinneyBond 23 is racking up a pretty formidable cast. Bond films aren’t always chock full of big name actors, but it’s quite likely that the attachment of Sam Mendes, who employs the unique habit of making movies that are good, as director has inspired some confidence in the quality of the project.

Of course, Daniel Craig is returning as James Bond. News earlier this month confirmed that the shadowmonster Javier Bardem will be playing the most horrifying Bond villain to date, teamed with the more scary-in-the-Jafar-way Ralph Feinnes as a co-villain (or perhaps a rival villain? Villainy is confusing). Plus, Judi Dench revives her M-anessence, and a whole bunch of stage actors find their way into the project, as well. The latest: Albert Finney is signing on as a high ranking BFO official.

Finney has one of those long, varied careers that sort of flow by us, slightly under the radar, without demanding much flash or spotlight. But when you actually take a second to consider them, you realize that they’re far more sophisticated and impressive than those of many of the stars with whom we’re more familiar.

The actor is also reviving his Bourne Ultimatum role in the upcoming Bourne Legacy. Over the years, Finney has played Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Pope John Paul II, Lysander, Daddy Warbucks, Ebeneezer Scrooge, Ed Masry and Kilgore Trout. Also, some original characters, too. The already promising Bond 23 is lucky to have an actor of this magnitude.

Source: Indiewire