Box Office Analysis, Jan. 4: A Repeat of Last Week

It deja vu all over again.

The top seven films line up exactly as last weekend with Fox’s Marley & Me in the lead for the second consecutive week. In second is Disney’s Bedtime Stories, followed by the Brad Pitt epic Curious Case of Benjamin Button from Paramount. 

Tom Cruise stands at No. 4 in MGM’s Valkyrie while Warner’s Yes Man keeps its fifth place standing. All of the top films maintained very strong holds as none of them saw more than a 34 percent second weekend drop, which is miniscule by industry standards and is a direct reflection of continued viewer satisfaction.

Limited release films continue their success as Doubt, Slumdog Millionaire, Gran Torino, Milk, The Reader, Frost/Nixon and Revolutionary Road relentlessly captivate audiences. Paramount Vantage adds another limited release hit to the mix with Defiance, posting a huge $60,500 per theatre average in its two debut locations.

A great way to start the box-office year as the momentum from the end of 2008 carries over into the freshly minted box-office year of 2009.

THREE-DAY STUDIO ESTIMATES (source: Media by Numbers)

1. Marley & Me  (Fox) — A strong hold as Marley crosses the $100 million mark; $24M; 3505 theaters; $6,862 PTA; -34%; $106.5M cume

2. Bedtime Stories (Disney) — Sandler also holding strong with a mere 26% drop; $20.3M; 3684 theaters; $5,515 PTA; -26%; $85.3M cume

3. Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Paramount) — Audiences remain curious with a small 31% second weekend drop; $18.4M; 2988 theaters; $6,158 PTA; -31%; $79M cume

4. Valkyrie (MGM) — Tom Cruise film building great word-of-mouth and another small drop; $14M; 2778 theaters; $5,055 PTA; -33%; $60.6M cume

5. Yes Man (Warner Bros.) — $13.8M; 3434 theaters; $4,033 PTA; -17%; $79.4M cume

6. Seven Pounds (Sony/Columbia) — $10M; 2758 theaters; $3,626 PTA; -24%; $60M cume

7. The Tale of Despereaux (Universal) — $7M; 3091theaters; $2,271 PTA; -21%; $43.7M cume

8. Doubt (Miramax) — $5M; 1287 theaters; $3,909 PTA; -6%; $18.7M cume

9. The Day The Earth Stood Still (Fox) — $4.8M; 2337 theaters; $2,075 PTA; 37%; $74.2M cume

10. Slumdog Millionaire (Fox Searchlight) — $4.7M; 612 theaters; $7,794 PTA; +11%; $28.7M cume

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