BOX OFFICE: ‘Erin’ Goes On (And On)

If the question at this weekend’s box office was, can Julia Roberts stay No. 1? The answer was, Duh. “Erin Brockovich” finished No. 1 for the third consecutive time, fending off strong showings by newbies “The Road to El Dorado” (No. 2) and “The Skulls” (No. 3), according to estimates by Exhibitor Relations Inc., the box-office tracking firm.

“Romeo Must Die,” the martial-arts-thriller-cum-Shakespearean-tragedy that nearly toppled “Erin” last week, lost a little snap in its roundhouse kick and finished No. 4.

The new John Cusack film, the critically acclaimed “High Fidelity,” cracked the Top 5 — no mean feat considering it played on 2,000 fewer screens than “The Road to El Dorado.”

Rounding out the weekend box-office winners were “American Beauty” (No. 6), which was expanded onto 1,990 screens and is raking in that post-Oscar cash; “Final Destination” (No. 7); “Mission to Mars” (No. 8); and the teen flicks “Here on Earth” and “Whatever It Takes” (tied for No. 9).

Here’s a complete look at the estimated grosses for the weekend’s Top 10:

1. “Erin Brockovich,” $14.2 million ($76.2 million overall) 2. “The Road to El Dorado,” $12.5 million ($12.5 mil overall) 3. “The Skulls,” $11.4 million ($11.4 mil overall) 4. “Romeo Must Die,” $9.7 million ($39.1 mil overall) 5. “High Fidelity,” $6.4 million ($6.4 mil overall) 6. “American Beauty,” $5.8 million ($117 mil overall) 7. “Final Destination,” $5.2 million ($28.2 mil overall) 8. “Mission to Mars,” $3.4 million ($54.5 mil overall) 9. (tie) “Here on Earth,” $2.4 million ($8.1 mil overall) 9. (tie) “Whatever It Takes,” $2.4 millon ($7.5 mil overall)