BOX OFFICE: ‘Rules’ Still Engaging

Everybody loves a good court-martialing. And everybody loves to see a good-hearted drunk get off the sauce and get his/her life back on track. Lucky for everybody, the two biggest movies in America this weekend were about those two very topics. “Rules of Engagement,” the military drama starring Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones, reigned atop the box-office heap for the second consecutive frame, followed closely by Sandra Bullock‘s much-hyped “28 Days.” Edward Norton‘s directorial debut, the comedy “Keeping the Faith,” finished at No. 3, according to box-office tracking firm Exhibitor Relations Inc.

Remaining in the Top Five were “Erin Brockovich” and “The Road to El Dorado.” Meanwhile, the controversial “American Psycho” debuted at No. 7 with a weak $4.9 mil, despite opening in about 1,500 theaters, and several recent contenders were bounced entirely out of the Top 10: “Romeo Must Die,” “Ready to Rumble” and the ubiquitous “American Beauty.”

Here’s a complete look at the estimated grosses for the weekend’s Top 10 films:

1. “Rules of Engagement,” $10.9 million ($30.6 million overall) 2. “28 Days,” $10.4 mil ($10.4 mil, new) 3. “Keeping the Faith,” $8.2 mil ($8.2 mil, new) 4. “Erin Brockovich,” $7.03 mil ($99.3 mil overall) 5. “The Road to El Dorado,” $6.2 mil ($33.1 mil overall) 6. “Return to Me,” $5.25 mil ($15.5 mil overall) 7. “American Psycho,” $4.9 mil ($4.9 mil overall) 8. “The Skulls,” $4.02 mil ($25.7 mil overall) 9. “Final Destination,” $2.83 mil ($38.0 mil overall) 10. “High Fidelity,” $2.75 mil ($16.8 mil overall)