Box Office: ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Easily Beats ‘Gangster Squad’ to Top Weekend


The “R’s” have it as the Top four movies this week carry the Restricted rating as three Best Picture nominees grace the Top 5. 

Best Picture nominee Zero Dark Thirty has benefitted from the buildup of its platform release pattern since opening in just five theaters on December 19. With controversy, critical accolades and of course multiple Oscar nominations this past week (with director Kathryn Bigelow unfairly being left out in the cold), audiences across the country were clearly interested in seeing the riveting true life action drama play out on the big screen. This may truly be the first film related to the events set in motion on 9/11 that has become a hit at the box office since historically most so-called “Iraq War Movies” failed when they hit multi-plexes taking in a strong $24 million and nearly $30 million to date.
In the wake of a surprise number one debut for Texas Chainsaw 3D, the horror spoof A Haunted House starring Marlon Wayans takes second place with $18.817M. Third belongs to the much-talked about and notably delayed Gangster Squad starring Ryan Gosling with $16.710 million. 
Fourth goes to Django Unchained which also received a Best Picture Oscar nom (among others), yet no nomination for its director Quentin Tarantino. Nonetheless Quentin will laugh all the way to the bank with another solid weekend of $11.065 million and since its debut on Christmas Day, $125.399 million which makes it his highest grossing film surpassing 2009’s Inglourious Basterds $120.8M domestic total.
Finally in fifth place is Universal’s Best Picture nominee Les Misérables with $10.127 million this weekend. Since opening on Christmas Day, the acclaimed and multi-Oscar nominated musical has earned $119.2 million.