Brad Pitt and David O. Russell go on a ‘Mission’

David O RussellDavid O. Russell, director of the Oscar-winning The Fighter, is considering The Mission for his next project, with superstar Brad Pitt. The Warner Bros. project is based on the true story of Operation Jaque, a six-year operation attempted by American and Columbian covert ops in order to free a group of 15 hostages held by a guerilla group in the Columbian jungle. At the moment, both Russell and Pitt are both considering the project, but have not yet signed on. This is one of several projects that Russell is reportedly considering, along with Malificent and Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

The film will focus on the espionage side of the process rather than the hostages’ experiences. According to Deadline, the film will emphasize the “covert effort involving numerous governments, diplomats and intelligence services and a vast network of spies, military advisers and soldiers plus high-tech surveillance measures.” The premise sounds similar Argo, the Ben Affleck thriller with a great cast that we reported on this morning, but without the interesting twist. While this seems like a more realistic take on the spy genre, the real world of spying also involves sitting in a van for twelve hours, watching someone’s front door. I’m not sure that realism is the most profitable approach for this project.

Source: Deadline